Where to sell online in 2020: The best platforms so far

Where to sell online in 2020: The best platforms so far

If you’re tired of seeing people preaching that Amazon and eBay are the best platforms to sell your items online…

…then you are in the right place.

And yeah, in this article, you’re not going to read about liquidation sale, wholesale, closeout deals or anything related to that.

What you’re going to digest as relevant information is about these platforms below (we’ll go over them quickly; note: they are numbered that way randomly):

  1. Poshmark
  2. Etsy
  3. Facebook Marketplace
  4. Shopify
  5. Walmart Marketplace
  6. Target Plus


Poshmark lets you sell apparel. Yep, that’s it, very simple. You can also sell second-hand closet. But you have to be very active on that platform; share a lot of information about your clothes, plus take good pictures.

Here is an interesting fact about Poshmark seen below:

  • 25% of Poshmark users consider themselves small business owners
  • 45% of Poshmark sellers have repeat customers


Suppose you’re a creative person? Well then, if you make handcrafted pieces or some kind of great jewellery… then Etsy is just for you.

Etsy is a global marketplace for unique and creative goods.

Two interesting facts about Etsy:

  • Percentage of Etsy sellers that are women: 86%
  • Percentage of Etsy sales that are by repeat purchasers: 81%

Facebook Marketplace

It’s no secret that almost everyone is using Facebook. And a lot of people are selling their items there.

From cars, toys, clothes, video games, electronics… to apartments and so on.

You can sell pretty much everything on Facebook Marketplace!

Make sure to have a good description, and answer whenever people write to you.

You can make it big if you are consistent. You are also rated as a Seller, so be careful…

And as usual, here is one interesting fact:


Shopify is a platform built for e-commerce companies.

You get to choose web design templates without having a development background.

You can create from scratch your own store and publish it for your business.

You can also upload products in bulk via a .csv file (more on that here).

What’s cool about Shopify is that it has a built-in feature that lets you advertise your products. You can launch Google or Facebook ads within Shopify. They really try to make it easy for you.

However, there is a monthly fee. But there is a 14-day free trial… it’s all about experimentation. It won’t hurt if you try it for two weeks, and you’ll learn a couple of things.

Walmart Marketplace

It’s well-known that every month more than 100 million people visit this marketplace.

You get two important perks when you start selling on Walmart Marketplace:

1) You adopt the brand’s trust that shoppers give this company

2) You reach a large audience of shoppers each month

But… that’s not all. There is also a program called: TwoDay Delivery.

People want faster shipping these days, and this is what Walmart is great at. You can always count on that and at the same time, meet the customer expectations.

Want to hear something great?

You can promote your products via something called: Walmart Advertising.

Now, be aware of the fact that Walmart makes you pay referral fees. More on that here.

And one last thing: Walmart is notorious for being a place, where you need to be highly competitive. They care about the customer’s experience.

Truth be told: Walmart is for businesses. Not for casual sellers.

Target Plus

What is Target Plus?

It’s a newly launched platform, that is looking to partner with more brands of all sizes.

They are after high-quality products as well, and you’ll get to know what that means in a bit.

They offer items like toys, home decor, electronics and sporting goods.

Target+ is different, however, from other platforms. In two ways.

How so?

First one is the way they sell their items. For example: based on the description of a product, a shopper will know if it is being sold and shipped by a third-party seller.
Here is an example below:

Second one: you need to qualify. Target Plus is invite-only. It’s not clear how they get to choose who to invite to their platform… but one thing is certain: they want to avoid the problems and mistakes Amazon, eBay and Walmart are facing when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Final thoughts

Thanks for reading this article to the very end.

We know that we deal with sports lots and electronic liquidation a lot, but we thought it was going to be useful to learn about these new platforms as well.

If you’ve found the article useful or interesting, give it a share or a like. Always remember that someone might be interested in getting to the ‘business arena’, no matter which platform they want to choose.

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