What Products To Sell On Amazon in 2021

What Products To Sell On Amazon in 2021

How many products do you sell? Do you have a website or an Amazon store? If so, keep reading.

When you’re looking to start selling on Amazon, it can be hard to know where to begin.

There are so many different products and categories, not to mention a lot of competition! In this blog post, we’ll talk about what types of wholesale liquidation products will be popular in 2021 and how you can find great product ideas for your business.

1. Why Should I sell on Amazon in 2021?

The popularity of Amazon has continued to grow year after year.

It’s now a significant player in the retail industry and is projected to continue to grow as people shift more and more shopping online. So why not take advantage of this trend?

Amazon is where the business of retailing lies. More and more buyers are dipping their toes in the waters, but no one could have imagined that Amazon would beat eBay’s traffic as well.

But what’s really great about this trend is how everyone benefits from its growth – especially third-party sellers.

As a matter of fact, these independent sellers account for over 53% of total sales worldwide at present time (~185 million items).

As we are a liquidation website (and not only), keep in mind that many liquidation websites sell wholesale items that could be an excellent product for Amazon in 2021. But who has the best offers? This is up to you to decide and, of course, if you can do a proper research.

2. How Much Does It Cost to Sell Products on Amazon?

Before we dive deeper, let’s clarify something.

Amazon offers two selling plans in the US. The Professional plan costs $39.99/month plus per-item fees, which vary by product category. It also allows sellers to list 40 products a month; however, it has no monthly subscription fee for now.

  • Sellers on the Individual plan pay only 0.99 cents an item sold and other fees as well but can sell up to 20 items a day at first before needing additional approval from Amazon staff.

You may have noticed that Amazon has a large number of products and services. In fact, they can offer such an impressive selection because their referral fee is so high! For example, the average Referral Fee for personal electronics items on amazon can be anywhere from 8% up 45%. However, the most common rate seems to be about 15%.

3. What products will be trending in 2021   

Some of the best products you can sell are:

And these are just a few of the many products that are trending right now.

It’s important to note, though, that trends change, and you need to keep up with them. So, for example, earlier this year, there was an increase in demand for liquidation wholesale clothing. And as you might be aware, summer is coming, and many people will take advantage of this. So if you think about it, women’s clothing will be on the horizon again.

  • Apart from that, you can try electronic liquidation, which proves to be a best seller in 2021.

There are many ways you can go. For example, try bulk lots of electronic items like laptops, tablets, and more. Especially now, since everyone is still staying home and have a lot of free time. And free time means – technology.

If you want more proof that electronic liquidation is a good choice, you can check Amazon’s Best sellers

  • Check out the picture below. What do you see? Yep, electronics.
  • In addition, the next section that ranks well is video games. Then comes clothing.

They let shoppers shop the season’s most popular styles. So, you can sell some household improvements.

These are your typical home decorations like side tables, ceramic vases, chairs, stools, bedding, candles, etc.

By looking at the selling charts, the answer is yes. It seems that toys are always in demand, and there’s a good chance you could find your niche and make some money.

As you launch your product on Amazon, it’s essential to do so before the Christmas rush. By launching early in the year and capturing organic rankings throughout, by December, when most products are vying for attention, yours will already be well established.

4. Bonus tip: truckloads.

Another great form of wholesale liquidation you can choose is called truckloads. This is when a truckload of wholesale products is delivered to one warehouse and then distributed from there.

This can be both a more accessible investment for Amazon sellers as well as less competition since you’re getting your product at the same time, but it’s up to you on what best suits your needs!

Will it be popular in 2021? Here are some facts about truckloads:

  • Truckloads are usually cheaper to buy in bulk and can be distributed easily.
  • These wholesale liquidation products may not be as famous for Amazon sellers now, but truckload sales will increase over time due to their convenience. After that, it’s up to each seller on what they want the best investment strategy for their business.
  • When you break down the truckload items into individual lots, the profit becomes much higher and the initial investment low. Buying a truckload that contains several types of goods is also a cool option. This can cover many niches for you. Although it’s a significant initial investment, it is profitable.

Final words

Well, you made it till the end. Congratulate yourself. So, is wholesale liquidation worth it? The simple answer is yes. Wholesale liquidation is profitable for a lot of reasons. Here are just some:

– It’s an easy way to get rid of inventory

– You can make more money on the same products by selling them wholesale than retail

– The price point is lower, which means customers will buy more and stay engaged with your brand longer because it’s less expensive overall

It doesn’t stop there! You’ll see tons of other benefits when you sell wholesale and have Amazon as one of your sales channels.

So if wholesale liquidation sounds appealing to you, let us know! We’re always happy to help new sellers take their first steps into this industry.

888Lots Team

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