Weekly Wholesale Deals

Weekly Wholesale Deals

Top Weekly Wholesale Deals: Fresh Bestsellers for Resellers

In the dynamic world of wholesale sales, keeping an eye on trending bestsellers is paramount. We believe in empowering our clients with wholesale deals that not only promise profitability but also resonate with market demands. The essence of succeeding in the reselling arena lies in picking products that offer genuine value to consumers.

A Special Note to New Buyers at 888Lots Wholesale Platform

For those venturing into the world of wholesale with 888Lots, there’s even more reason to rejoice. New buyers on our platform are privy to an exclusive first-order discount, slashing prices on items by a staggering 60% off. This means you can acquire any of these top-selling products at an even more astonishing profit margin. Register today to dive into the realm of wholesale clearance.

SADDLER Womens Luxurious Leather Medium Trifold RFID Protected Purse Wallet


Your Price: $1.00
Amazon Price: $46.99
Profit Margin: ~80%+
This leather wallet promises luxury with functionality. Designed for the modern woman, it perfectly blends fashion with security through its RFID protection feature. A wholesale clearance gem like this is hard to come by.


Find out more about RFID protection benefits.

Gerber Folding Knife E.A.B Light

Gerber Folding Knife
Your Price: $8.00
Amazon Price: $19.85
Profit Margin: ~45%+
Outdoor enthusiasts are always in search of reliable tools. The Gerber folding knife, compact and robust, is an essential addition to any adventurer’s kit and promises fruitful resale margins.




Nike Everyday Plus Cushion Crew Socks 6-Pair Pack

Nike Everyday Plus Cushion Crew Socks 6-Pair PackYour Price: $13.50
Amazon Price: $32.74
Profit Margin: 58.76%
Comfort meets brand power with Nike’s Everyday Plus socks. A consistent performer in sales, these socks exemplify the profit potential of branded apparel in wholesale sales.




Danjor Linens King Size Sheets Set

Danjor Linens King Size Sheets SetYour Price: $18.00
Amazon Price: $42.99
Profit Margin: 58.13%
Luxury, comfort, and style define the Danjor Linens king-size sheets set. The rising demand for quality bed linens in online marketplaces underscores its wholesale deal potential.




12PK 4 inch Flat Brush

House Paint Brush SetYour Price: $21.50
Amazon Price: $42.99
Profit Margin: 49.99%
Quality brushes are a mainstay for home improvement enthusiasts. Catering to both professionals and DIYers, this 12-pack set is poised for impressive liquidation deals in the reselling market.




Explore the rising trends in home improvements.

Choosing the right products for resale is more than just number crunching. It’s about understanding market trends, recognizing quality, and ensuring that your wholesale clearance decisions align with consumer demand. This week’s newest bestsellers offer a blend of brand recognition, quality, and sheer market appeal, making them excellent choices for resellers aiming for profitability. As always, we recommend conducting your research, but these selections can be a lucrative starting point for your resale endeavors.

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