Top Liquidation & Wholesalers in New Jersey: 2024 Update

Top Liquidation & Wholesalers in New Jersey: 2024 Update

Top Liquidation & Wholesalers in New Jersey: 2024 Update

Looking for wholesale stores nearby or planning a visit to NJ? Our updated 2024 guide for New Jersey’s top wholesalers and liquidators is here to help you navigate the expanding landscape of liquidation and wholesale opportunities.

NJ Wholesale & Liquidation

  1. 888 Lots
  2. AAA Closeout Liquidators
  3. Simplex Liquidation
  4. Bargain & Bundles
  5. Pink Lady Liquidations
  6. System Liquidation Inc
  7. LCS Estate Liquidation
  8. Closeout Pallet
  9. Executive Liquidation
  10. Variety Liquidation
  11. Daily Deals Liquidations<
  12. Warehouse Liquidations
  13. Bstock

NJ’s Liquidation Scene in 2024:
As we continue to update our guide, it’s clear that the wholesale and liquidation sector in NJ is thriving. Whether due to the broadening of product ranges, the introduction of new players like Warehouse Liquidations and Daily Deals Liquidations, or the evolving services of established companies, there’s never been a better time to explore what New Jersey has to offer in liquidation goods and services.

Whether you’re a local or just visiting, our guide aims to be your essential resource for finding the best deals in wholesale and liquidation across New Jersey. From specialized estate managers to online platforms and everything in between, NJ’s liquidation scene is rich with opportunities for great finds.

888 Lots

The liquidation platform is part of a global chain of liquidation and excess inventory websites with offices in the US, UK and Europe. Customers highly appreciate features such as Negotiation, 5 Dollar Store, One Dollar Shipping. Instagram is daily updated with images from newly arrived liquidation merchandise. Local pickup from NJ warehouse is available for customers nearby. The huge variety and top brands for both lots and items are another reason for the popularity of this wholesale website. The customer rating in Google is not only the highest in New Jersey, but also in the liquidation industry.
Address: 1416 E Linden Ave, Linden, NJ 07036

From Google Reviews:

Average Review: Exceptionally positive experiences with 888 Digital & 888 Lots, highlighting professionalism, honesty, excellent product quality, seamless order processing, and outstanding customer service. Customers report significant improvements in business outcomes, with mentions of responsive and helpful representatives enhancing their experience.


  • Professionalism and honesty consistently emphasized, making 888 Digital & 888 Lots highly recommended for those in the business.
  • Products are of high quality, and collaboration in order processing is seamless.
  • Significant business growth reported by customers, including a 300% increase in Amazon sales, attributing success to the support from 888 Lots.
  • Customer service excellence highlighted, with specific representatives praised for their responsiveness, helpfulness, and ability to effectively address product issues or questions.
  • Fast shipping and accurate manifests further contribute to customer satisfaction.


 AAA Closeout Liquidators

43 years of wholesale experience for this liquidator. They sell a lot of returns and overstocks in almost every category. Remember you must sign up or visit them on site as they don’t have a website to show and sell the merchandise. The warehouse is in NJ, but HQ is in NY.
Address: 7008 Bergenline Ave #1, North Bergen, NJ 07047

From Google Reviews:

Average Review: Challenges in communication and accessibility have been noted. Efforts to enhance service responsiveness and customer engagement are crucial.


Instances of rudeness and abrupt conversation termination have impacted customer experience negatively.
Physical location confusion and lack of response to calls necessitate clearer guidance and improved communication channels.

Simplex Liquidation

They have a store in NJ. The warehouse is also located at this address. They also have Facebook and Instagram where they post events and pictures of liquidation lots and truckloads of customer returns. They sell overstock and excess inventory from almost every type available from major retailers like Target. Unfortunately, they don’t have a liquidation website at this time.
Address: 343 New Rd Unit 7, Parsippany-Troy Hills, NJ 07054
Social Media

From Google Reviews:

Average Review: Mixed experiences with the quality and credibility of pallet sales. Positive remarks on customer service and value for specific items contrast with negative feedback on product condition and business practices.


  • Customers appreciate the opportunity to buy Amazon or Target return pallets, noting the organization and cleanliness of the items, as well as friendly service.
  • Concerns raised about the quality of items in pallets, with some reporting mostly broken items and questioning the value of their purchases.
  • Issues with credibility and trust, including misleading sales practices and last-minute deal cancellations.
  • Positive mentions of active communication on Facebook, offering updates on available pallets and allowing for the purchase of whole pallets or individual items.
  • Mixed experiences emphasize the importance of customer diligence and the variable nature of pallet quality and service experience.

Bargain & Bundles

Another NJ liquidator with merchandise from major retailers like Amazon, Walmart and Target. So if you’re near NJ you can visit the warehouse. They’re one of the New Jersey liquidators with a fully functioning website where you can view current photos and purchase pallets. They often upload videos from the warehouse on their Facebook page. Instagram is also regularly updated.
Address: 515 Brick Blvd, Brick Township, NJ 08723

From Google Reviews:

Average Review: Overwhelmingly positive experiences at “Bargains and Bundles,” with high praise for customer service, product quality, and value. Chris, the owner, receives consistent commendation for his helpfulness, honesty, and professionalism. Customers report successful repeat business and significant profit from reselling.


Strong customer satisfaction with bulk buying experiences, emphasizing the diverse selection and excellent customer service.
Chris is highlighted for his serious-minded approach, organization, and exceptional customer service, making him highly recommended for business dealings.
The quality of clothing and other merchandise is praised, with many noting the great prices as a key advantage over traditional retail.
Repeat customers and referrals underscore the trust and value found in “Bargains and Bundles,” with many planning to return for more purchases.
Success stories from resellers who have significantly profited from their purchases, highlighting the potential for buyers looking to start or expand their reselling business.

Pink Lady Liquidations LLC

At Pink Lady Liquidations, you will find a combination of a traditional on-site liquidation service and an online liquidation via eBay. With plenty of experience in estate liquidation, you can count on Pink Lady to help you. On Facebook, they often update with regular events they organize. Although there is no online liquidation merchandise and wholesale store, they offer many options such as staging and display, estate research and appraisal, marketing and advertising, staffing and sales execution, and online auctions.
Address: PO Box 41 – Fanwood – NJ – 07203

From Google Reviews:

Average Review: Overwhelmingly positive experiences with Pink Lady Liquidation, LLC, showcasing their professionalism, efficiency, and customer service excellence. Clients appreciate the company’s effectiveness in organizing and conducting estate sales, highlighting the ease of process and successful outcomes. A minor incident of dissatisfaction was addressed promptly and professionally, reaffirming their commitment to customer satisfaction.


Pink Lady Liquidation is highly recommended for estate liquidation needs, praised for their comprehensive service from setup to sale execution.
Sarah and her team receive commendations for their professionalism, knowledge, and respectful treatment of estate items and premises.
Customers report significant success from sales, often exceeding expectations, attributed to Pink Lady’s expertise in pricing and marketing.
The company is noted for its friendly and helpful staff, creating a positive shopping experience for attendees.
An isolated incident of customer dissatisfaction was met with a detailed and respectful response, illustrating Pink Lady’s dedication to maintaining high standards of customer service and integrity.

System Liquidation Inc

A good place to buy refurbished PC, laptops, and accessories. A fully functional website, but not a store to visit and choose on the spot. Regular social media campaigns can help you keep track of new products and current promotions.
Address: 1652 S 2nd St, Plainfield, NJ 07063

From Google Reviews:

Average Review: Positive experiences dominate the feedback for System Liquidation, with customers highlighting the excellent value, quality, and customer service of refurbished technology products. The majority of reviews praise the condition of the laptops and PCs as either like new or exceeding expectations, along with the efficiency of delivery and responsiveness of customer service.


Customers consistently report satisfaction with the quality and performance of refurbished laptops and PCs, often noting that the products look and function as if brand new.
The value for money is frequently highlighted, with many reviewers expressing that they received high-quality technology within their budget constraints.
Customer service is commended for its helpfulness, particularly in answering questions and providing support throughout the purchase process.
Free shipping and the inclusion of warranties are appreciated by customers, adding to the positive purchase experience.
Some minor complaints about specific issues, such as battery life or keys sticking, are noted, but these seem to be exceptions rather than the rule. The company’s willingness to address these issues under warranty is also mentioned positively.
A small number of negative reviews focus on issues like product age or performance, but these are far outweighed by positive experiences.

LCS Estate Liquidation

If you are decluttering a home, LCS can help you dispose of all the contents. Removing household items and products, buying, selling, posting on ebay, selling and auctioning on site are services offered by them. No online shop or local store just give them a call and get a free appraisal.
Address: 2048 S. Broad Street Hamilton, NJ 08610

From Google Reviews:

Average Review: Positive feedback highlights LCS Estate Liquidation for their professionalism, efficiency, and neatness in handling estate liquidation processes. Customers recommend their services, appreciating the thorough and quick work by the team.


LCS Estate Liquidation is highly recommended for their professional approach to estate liquidation.
Customers commend the team for their thorough, quick, and neat execution of services.
The positive experiences shared by Nancy Langione and John Rigby reflect well on the company’s reputation in managing estate sales effectively.

Closeout Pallet

“Wholesale merchandise on pallets with clearance prices” is how their website begins. They have many different pallet returns and are one of the reliable sources for liquidation merchandise if you are near NJ. The e-commerce part of the site is not yet completed at the time of this article (November 2022).
Address: 555 Broadway, Bayonne NJ 07002

From Google Reviews:

Average Review: Positive reviews consistently highlight the competitive prices and great deals found at this wholesaler and liquidator. Customers, ranging from individuals looking for personal items to business owners sourcing merchandise for resale, express satisfaction with the value and variety of products available.


Recognized for extremely competitive prices compared to other wholesalers and liquidators, making it a top choice for those in the liquidation and wholesale business.
Offers a wide range of products, including toys, electronics, bed sheets, and kitchenware, catering to diverse needs and preferences.
Customers appreciate the ability to build their own pallets of brand new items at closeout prices, enhancing the shopping experience for resellers.
The location is recommended for finding unbeatable deals, especially for store owners looking to stock up on inventory.
Praised for being a good shopping destination, with one reviewer specifically noting it as a great place to find Christmas presents.

Executive Liquidation

Specialized in office furniture, wholesale and liquidation company. If you are looking to buy, sell office equipment and furniture or anything in between, you have come to the right place. Cubicles, desks, couches and tables, Executive Liquidation can clean, move, remodel, install, assess and dispose. While the website is not fully functional you can always call and arrange a visit NJ’s warehouse and HQ.
Address: 100 Redneck Ave Moonachie NJ, 07074

From Google Reviews:

Average Review: Overall, the reviews for Executive Liquidation, Inc. are predominantly positive, highlighting their impressive warehouse, quality products, and competitive prices. Customers appreciate the professional operation, friendly staff, and the added value of clean/repair services along with a 2-year warranty on items sold. While one review raises a concern about responsiveness, this appears to be an outlier compared to the general satisfaction expressed by other reviewers.


Impressive Operation: Reviewers are impressed with the warehouse’s setup and the company’s professionalism, emphasizing that it is a well-established business.
Quality and Pricing: The products offered are described as top quality with unbeatable prices, making it a go-to place for furniture, especially for those working from home.
Customer Service: The staff’s friendliness and helpfulness are frequently mentioned, contributing positively to the shopping experience.
Wide Selection: A great variety of products, particularly cubicles and chairs, are available, receiving high praise from customers.
Accessibility and Location: Directions to the entrance are clearly appreciated, aiding first-time visitors in locating the business easily.

Variety Liquidation

They run a business in NJ and have a website. The website is a fully functional liquidation platform. If you are looking for quality furniture, new toys or kayaks and sports equipment, Variety Liquidation is your store in NJ.
Address: 6300 Westfield Ave, Pennsauken Township, NJ 08110

From Google Reviews:

Average Review: Variety Liquidation receives generally positive feedback from customers, highlighting the wide range of products, competitive prices, and quality customer service. Many reviewers praise the seamless and efficient shopping experience, as well as the friendly and helpful staff. However, there are mixed reviews regarding the store’s operating hours and customer service in specific instances.


Product Variety and Prices: Customers are impressed by the astonishing range of products and find hidden gems at unbeatable prices. The value for money and product quality are frequently mentioned.
Customer Service: The staff’s friendliness and helpfulness, including assistance with loading purchases, are highlighted as positive aspects of the shopping experience.
Operational Concerns: One reviewer expressed disappointment due to unexpected store closures during advertised business hours, which led to inconvenience and lost business.
Specific Customer Concerns: A negative review mentioned dissatisfaction with the handling of a product defect issue, pointing to potential areas for improvement in customer support and warranty claims.
Positive Shopping Experience: Many customers report a positive overall shopping experience, with specific praise for the store’s ability to provide immediate availability of products, unlike other furniture stores with delivery delays.

Daily Deals Liquidations

Newly noted in “Top Liquidation Wholesalers in New Jersey,” Daily Deals Liquidations, focuses on selling liquidation and excess inventory, particularly in appliances and clothing. Unlike other liquidators, they use their Facebook page to communicate with customers, showcasing daily updates and videos of their products. Though lacking a dedicated website, Daily Deals Liquidations has gained popularity, offering a straightforward, engaging shopping experience for those seeking deals directly from their Jersey City location.

Social Media:  
Address: 2815 John F Kennedy Blvd, Jersey City, NJ, United States, New Jersey

From Google Reviews:

Average Review:

Daily Deals Liquidation garners mixed reviews from customers, reflecting diverse experiences. Many shoppers praise the store for its great deals on a wide variety of items, highlighting the treasure hunt-like experience of finding valuable products at significantly reduced prices. Positive mentions also frequently cite helpful and friendly staff, particularly noting individuals like James, Yara, Evelyn, and Billy for their exceptional customer service.

However, some reviews express dissatisfaction with the store’s organization, product quality, and customer service in specific instances. Concerns include inconsistent store opening times, perceived unfair advantages for certain shoppers, and encounters with rude behavior from staff. A notable point of contention is the handling of merchandise, with some customers feeling that desirable products are claimed by select individuals before the store officially opens to the public.

Warehouse Liquidations

Our list got updated also with Warehouse Liquidations. Warehouse Liquidations in Lodi, NJ, is gaining attention for its competitive deals on clothing and Costco merchandise. With a keen focus on overstocks and returns, this store is praised for its value offerings. They dont have a website and online presence is managed only via Social Media Channels.

Social Media: Instagram and Facebook
Address: 36 US-46 E, Lodi, NJ, United States, 07644

Rating and Highlights from Google Reviews:

  • Great deals: Especially noted for sheets and small appliances.
  • Friendly staff: Enhancing the shopping experience with helpful service.
  • Quality at reasonable prices: Customers appreciate the balance between quality and affordability.
  • Pricing clarity: Calls for more transparent pricing to avoid confusion at checkout.
  • Inventory feedback: A few mentions of desire for a broader selection and better organization.



Honorable mention for Bstock. This liquidation wholesale marketplace is hosting a lot of auctions on their website in the US. There are many retailers and wholesalers that use Bstock as a platform to sell returns and excess inventory, but few of them have warehouses on NJ.
Amazon with their warehouse in Burlington, NJ
Essendant Wholesale with warehouse in Cranbury, New Jersey
Find out where Essendant`s warehouse is located: 

In the dynamic market of New Jersey, 888Lots stands out as a globally recognized wholesaler. With a variety of options ranging from local stores to online platforms for new or refurbished items, your search for lucrative deals ends here. Discover the vibrant opportunities awaiting you in New Jersey’s wholesale landscape. Join 888Lots now and kickstart your journey with an exclusive discount on your first order, ensuring your business thrives with unbeatable deals and unparalleled value.

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