How to Buy Amazon Returns: All To Know

How to Buy Amazon Returns: All To Know

how to buy Amazon returns in 2024

If you are on the internet you have probably heard of Amazon and Jeff Bezos. The company changed the rules of modern e-commerce, but there are some areas of the business that remain unknown to most people. One of them is Amazon Returns.

Key takeaway

Amazon Returns presents an opportunity for companies to make money by buying returned items in bulk, repackaging them, and selling them for profit. This is made possible by the large volume of returns that Amazon processes, which creates a significant logistical challenge. Companies can find deals on returned products on specialized liquidation websites like 888 Lots. Often is required a Resale Certificate to verify their legitimacy as traders.


    1. Introduction
    2. How to buy Amazon Returns
    3. How are returned products sold?
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What is it and how to buy Amazon Returns?

The keyword is “returns”. Many people have experience with returning items to stores, whether it be because a product didn’t fit or because they didn’t like it. Imagine this happening on a large scale, with hundreds of thousands or even millions of people returning items every day. This is the reality of the business of Amazon Returns.

It’s estimated that around a third of all orders are returned, which creates a significant logistical problem. In 2021, the total amount of returns increased significantly to over 700 billion dollars. This high volume of returns presents an opportunity for companies to make money from managing and processing them.


How to buy Amazon Returns?

The main business model here is that 3rd party companies can buy the returned items in bulk, repackage them and sell them again for-profit and often at reduced end price for the client. It is almost like a salvage process. You can buy a pallet or even a full truckload with combined returned products and sell them again to make a good profit margin. There are several steps to this process and we are going to briefly explain how to buy Amazon Returns: 

  1. The first step is to make a registration on an Amazon liquidation website;
  2. Get your Resale Certificate (we are going to explain that a little later on in the article); 
  3. Then you look for the right deals – the bigger the load you buy, the less the price you are going to pay for an average item; 
  4.  Calculate your additional expenses for getting the goods;
  5. Re-sell and make good money!

How are returned products sold?

The process of getting into Amazon Returns is not so hard. There are specific websites that are called liquidation websites and and offer returned goods. All products are in bulk together. It can be a pallet or a whole truck. The bigger the buy you make, the bigger the discount. There are great deals on amazon liquidation pallets and amazon return pallets. 

In one pallet (or truckload) you can find a combination of items. Usually, when you bid on them, there is a description of what are the majority of the items there and what is the current bid. You decide if you are interested or not. However, if you want to get into the game, you will need a Resale Certificate. 

What is a Resale Certificate and how do you get one?

Before you get to all the liquidation websites and start bidding for amazon liquidation pallets or amazon return pallets, you must obtain a resale certificate. The resale certificate verifies that you are a legit trades person that wants to buy and resell products online. In this previous article in our blog, we have described the whole process of obtaining this type of permit for online trading. 

Once you have that you are all set to move on to the liquidation websites. 

How to find proper liquidation websites?

Where can you find proper liquidation websites with good deals?

Now you are already set and can browse the internet for the best deals for amazon liquidation pallets and amazon return pallets. What you need to know is that there are a lot of places online that specialize in specific types of consumer goods from returns. Like 888Lots that have been in the business of consumer electronics goods. They launched a B2B Liquidation platform that helps small retailers get good deals on products from Amazon Returns. 

The added value for businesses comes not only from the best consumer goods available to them but also from the additional tools that the platform offers and makes their lives easier. It is like a one-stop-shop liquidation website that you can use.

Amazon returns deals

If you browse online you will find more places that offer various deals on Amazon Returns. It can be from individual items to pallets and truckloads. Just know your category – some are going on a small scale, while others are not moving a finger unless you will buy two trucks with goods from them. 

If we know one thing for sure, it is that this is going to be a booming sector. E-commerce is going only to grow in the future, and the sector of Amazon Returns will grow with it. Hop on the success train before it is too late!

Purchasing Amazon Returns
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Purchasing Amazon Returns
The keyword here is “returns”. At least once in your life, you have bought something that you later returned to the store you got it from. Either the pair of boots didn’t fit or you didn’t like the phone you ordered and you sent it back. Imagine this happening every day to hundreds of thousands (maybe even millions) of people from all over the world. The business of Amazon Returns is quite easy to grasp - around ⅓ of all orders get returned and this creates a huge logistics problem. The total amount of returns for 2019 was forecasted to be over 200 billion dollars, half of them only for Amazon products. And this creates an opportunity for companies to make money from returns.  
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