How to Find Products to Sell on Amazon in 2020

How to Find Products to Sell on Amazon in 2020

Starting an online business as an Amazon seller seems challenging to you or maybe you think you’re already late to the game but you’re still interested and want to learn how to find products to sell on Amazon? You’re at the right place!

First, let’s clarify that even though the game has changed in the last few years and many sellers joined it, selling on Amazon marketplace is still a great option for business enthusiasts. If you’re one of them, then we are here to help you figure out what to sell on Amazon! 

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Learn how to sell on Amazon FBA

To begin with, you need to be aware of FBA which stands for Fulfillment by Amazon and it means that Amazon is going to pick, pack and ship all of your inventory which of course comes at a cost but is still a great option since it will make your life easier and you won’t deal with all the above mentioned. Learn more about how to sell on Amazon FBA in this useful guide

Wondering how to find products to sell on Amazon?

Just follow these tips…

It’s also important to mention that in order to start selling on Amazon you should invest money in inventory first. So, with that being said, let’s look at how to choose a product to sell on Amazon step by step! 

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Selling on Amazon marketplace is a process of finding the best products to sell on Amazon, finding wholesale suppliers, private labeling a product, creating value for your customers, and marketing your product. 

But what’s the first thing you need to do?

That’s right! Product research!

A good option is to start by looking through the Amazon Best Sellers List to discover the best things to sell. Browse different categories to get ideas on what is already selling. You have to find the product that will be in demand but with low competition so you can stand out easily and get your product selling. 

You should be searching what’s selling on Amazon because you have to make sure there is already high demand for the product you are going to sell. Otherwise, inventing a new product or just selling what you like and would want to buy, the chance to face failure will be greater. 

While researching products to sell on Amazon you can use resources and tools such as Jungle Scout. It’s a powerful software that will help you find the best product to sell on Amazon. 

Another popular tool you can use is Helium 10. Both tools are very useful and will help you a lot in your research. You can read more about Helium 10 in this review. 

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Now that you already browsed through the Amazon Best Sellers List and have some ideas in mind, search on for phrases or keywords that are most relevant. When you land the product results page, click on the Jungle Scout extension. It will help you evaluate the level of demand. Look at the top 10 results. If there are roughly 3000 sales per month this is a good sign. However, you want those sales to be evenly distributed across the first 10 sellers. If the case is that most of them belong to only a couple of the sellers that means there are already established brands and it will be hard for you to compete. 

You also need to know how many reviews the top sellers have. It’s crucial to define if you can beat them or not. Products that have less than 200 reviews (or in the best case below 100) are worth giving a try. Anything that already has thousands of reviews is a too competitive product. 

Jungle Scout will also show you the reviews, the number of sales and the revenue of the top sellers. You can choose products to track for a week or two before you make up your mind. Add them to the Product Tracker and observe how they are performing. 

Keep in mind that some sellers on Amazon are paying for ads that support their sales. If you want to learn more about Amazon Advertising check out this article by Sellics

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Have you set your goals?

Before you choose a product to sell on Amazon you have to think of a strategy. Define your goals. Do you want to sell a trendy product for the short term in order to make money or do you want to build a long term and successful brand? Both are ok but your approach will be different. 

If you choose a business for the long term, you have to find a product to sell on Amazon that you’ll be able to make better and potentially start selling similar products in the future. That will also need to be a product that you’re passionate about because to build a brand you have to know your niche, be able to promote your products and to have a strong message. 

find wholesale distributors

Find a wholesale distributor

Your research is the first step to start selling on Amazon. After you find products to sell on Amazon, you have to find a wholesale distributor. Most people would search on and look at prices. Have in mind that before you actually contact a supplier and ask them questions you can’t make accurate estimates about profit margins and etc. You have to ask if they would sell you the minimum units you’d want to order and if they would put your brand name on the products. Some wholesale suppliers will want you to buy a minimum of 500 items, others will require you to purchase 1000. It depends on the supplier. 

Another option is to source your products from a wholesale distributor company (e.g. 888 Lots) that offers, for example, surplus inventory, wholesale lots and liquidation sales. This way, you’ll benefit by choosing from the best products on the market and using essential business tools, such as the Amazon calculator provided by 888 Lots which lets you estimate how much you can earn from selling a product on Amazon. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how to find a wholesale supplier make sure you check out our article on the topic.  


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