How to Check Your Brand/Product Restrictions Before You Buy for Amazon

How to Check Your Brand/Product Restrictions Before You Buy for Amazon

We couldn’t be more excited to announce our latest feature. As most of you already know Amazon made some major changes to their FBA program by adding additional fees for the third party sellers.

The new Amazon brand restrictions fees are here and they will change the marketplace, for good or bad we will have to see. What is more important now is the questions that every Amazon seller asks himself.

For what brands and products I am restricted?

How can I find good merchandise for my online business that will be not restricted?

Well, once again 888 Lots is the answer to your questions. We can say that we are the FIRST WHOLESALER in the business that can tell you what products are restricted before you are surprised.

Thanks to our latest feature, now we can show you exactly how many of the products in our LOTS are restricted and how many are OK to be sold on Amazon, based on your profile settings.

There are some main restrictions types that you are going to see, based on your Amazon Seller Profile:

  • Products that are brand restricted.
  • Products that are category restricted.
  • Products that are restricted by ASIN number.
  • Products that are gated.

Our customers are extremely important for us and our team is determined to provide you the best possible buying experience. With our latest feature we are one more step closer in our journey to become the most advanced liquidation platform on the market.

Now you can login on 888 Lots liquidation platform and:

How Can I Check My Restrictions on 888 Lots?

First you will need to obtain your special key from your Amazon MWS.

How to get your Amazon account access information?

After you obtain your keys then you need to enter the information in our “Setup Amazon Access” Tab.

Enter your Amazon account access information

After you enter your information and you press “Save your changes” button you are good to go and you can now check our LOTS for restrictions. On each LOT you are going to find one more additional tab called “Check for restrictions”.

check for restrictions

Once you press it you can request to check the LOT for restrictions.


After you make the request we will send you an email once the request is finished and we have checked all of the products from the LOT.


Please note that it usually takes 15 minutes to process the LOT for restrictions, but in some cases it can take up to one hour. After the process is finished you are going to receive an email from our system and you will be able to view all of the restricted products for that LOT based on your profile settings.


Below you can also view a short video of the process, how to setup you account, and how to check our LOTS for restrictions.

Please note that the data in the examples will be different for you. The restrictions are different for each seller.

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