Advertising on Amazon

Advertising on Amazon

Want people to see your items as soon as they enter Amazon?

Everyone wants to sell more and make a profit from Amazon.

If that’s you, you should know about this method that a lot of people neglect. Or simply don’t know it exists.

Don’t be that person.

So, how can you reach a larger audience on Amazon?

It’s called – Amazon Advertising.

And you should know that:

There is an extensive spectrum of ways to do it

Which we’ll mention below in a while.

But before we dive deeper, you need to know:

Now, imagine if that was your product there, on the Amazon listings?

1. What is Amazon Advertising?

It’s a fun process. In a nutshell: it has significant potential, and it works like an auction.

How is that possible?

Amazon sells the ads based on one thing – the pay-per-click model or PPC.

Remember: The more you are willing to pay, the bigger audience you can reach!

Although a lot of people get to see your advertisement, you pay only for the click. Meaning: it’s after the customer clicks on your ad.

How does it work?

Imagine that your buyers are searching for something related to ‘kitchen knives set.’

They are looking through the page and all of a sudden, your product pops out alongside your competitor’s. (example: see below; these are sponsored ads).

This strategy reminds the customer that there might be a better alternative.

Products may appear because of the buyer’s purchase history.

This way, you reach more customers and based on your ad, you can profit or not profit from Amazon.

2.What are the Benefits of Advertising on Amazon?

You know it – there’s a lot of traffic on Amazon each day. The benefits of advertising there are a lot for sure.

You get to see a few of the them that are highlighted as the most important:

  1. More sales. It’s a no brainer. If you bid and you win a relevant keyword, that will make you more views, and therefore more clicks!
  2. The ads are in such places that attract the customer’s attention. Moreover, they appear almost on every page and have around 10% conversion rate.
  3. You can optimize your ad performance. It’s by selecting the right keywords and budget at any time. You can also pause or restart your campaign.
  4. You can use a different approach depending on your strategy and the ad that you want to pick. This way, you are one step ahead of your competitors.

3. Some requirements before you start.

If you are ready to advertise on Amazon, you must have

  • an active seller or vendor account
  • the possibility to ship across to all of the United States

There is also another thing that you might be interested in, and it’s called – the Buy Box.

You see, the Buy Box is the one that allows customers to add products to their shopping cart.

So what’s the trick here?

If there are a couple of sellers with the same product… you need to be eligible for the Buy Box on your customer’s page if you want to advertise

Those requirements include the following: sufficient order volume, metric performance, and type of selling account.

Make sure to check them if you want to be the one to qualify for that option

4. Amazon Ad Types

There are a couple of ad types that exist (some of which changed their name through the years).

Overall, the Sponsored Products and the Sponsored Brands ads the main types.

  • Sponsored Products

You can see them under or around search results or product detail pages. Being keyword targeted, you get to choose the keywords yourself or perhaps let Amazon automatically decide or target the keywords. There is a difference, though.

  • Sponsored Brands
  • Sponsored Display Ads (Product Display Ads)

These are new, to be honest, and are still in beta mode; be careful. They are based on the customer’s shopping activity. Such as views, interests, products, and categories.

  • Video Ads

A lot of your competitors are not using video ads. And when you think about it, the competition on Amazon is huge. With this ad feature, you can run video ads on iMDb,, or Amazon devices.

5. Tips for Success and why you should buy liquidation lots

Here are a couple of tips that will help you sell:

  • be creative; use engaging headlines and logos to make your customers click
  • experiment: set new prices, tweak your ad or set some new keywords
  • make sure you have a reasonable budget so you can win better keywords

To sell more, get your hands on liquidation lots

Everyone serious about wholesale lots, must know that wholesale liquidation is cheap, and it can lead to a more significant profit.

At 888lots we have a large inventory of liquidation lots.

  • For example, you can buy liquidation lots and promote regular individual listings.
  • That way, you’ll end up saving money for ads and profit more than your competitors.

A liquidation sale is available from abroad as well.

You can see BritDeals website and choose from a wide variety of liquidation lots like these.

Now that you know what Amazon Advertising is, the different types of Ads and how to go about it, share this article so it can help other people as well!

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