Top 5 Critical Amazon Mistakes to Avoid

Top 5 Critical Amazon Mistakes to Avoid

Is it possible to get ahead in a giant retail center that is Amazon? Many novice sellers think that it takes years to build up their Amazon profile and start generating bigger bucks. Here’s the good scoop: you don’t have to wait for years to make good money through Amazon!

Both new and veteran sellers alike can get ahead of the curve if they know what selling practices compromise their business and how to avoid these practices.

Here are the top 5 critical Amazon mistakes users make and how you can avoid them:

Mistake #1: Not Providing Enough Photos

A picture illustrates a thousand words, and it also boosts your chances of making a sale. Consumers today prefer fast and easy information. An average customer will most likely skip paragraphs of product description, and would rather browse through a photo gallery of an item they want to buy.

How You Can Avoid This Mistake:

Provide sufficient and good-quality photos of your products. It is also wise to post pictures of the item from different angles. Your prospective buyers will decide faster if they have seen the item from different perspectives.

Providing a short but relevant caption for each photo is also helpful. Customers will no longer need to research or message you if you have already provided details of the product.

Posting clear photos also prove that you are a trustworthy seller with quality merchandise.

Mistake #2: Complicated Buying Process

Although the shopping process in Amazon is straightforward, you would be surprised that some merchants still have a way of complicating it. A difficult buying process may include vague product descriptions, low-quality photos, and posting the product in the wrong category.

If customers get confused about what they are getting, chances are they will just skip your page and look elsewhere.

How You Can Avoid This Mistake:

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. What information would you like to see on your page? What will make the buying process most convenient for you?

It is also smart to take a look at what your competitors do to make the shopping process work to their advantage. Test out the process if it will work for you as a merchant and your prospective buyers.

Mistake #3: Poor Customer Service

Do not make the mistake of thinking that you no longer have to entertain customers just because your products are posted on Amazon. Some sellers think that Amazon’s credibility as a marketplace will already cover their business. As a result, they no longer feel the urgency of replying to customer inquiries or responding to bad reviews.

Amazon gives sellers 24 hours to reply to customer inquiries. Failure to do so may result in account suspension.

How You Can Avoid This Mistake:

Reply to customers as soon as you read their questions. Putting off this task will only make the questions pile up.

There are tools to help you manage inquiries such as ReplyManager. Aside from helping you receive and send messages, this tool also helps you organize your messages based on urgency following Amazon guidelines.

Mistake #4: Failure to Utilize Social Media

Facebook and Twitter make millions from companies who advertise on their networks. These social media giants customize the news feed of users according to their online activities. That is why business owners who fail to use social media to their advantage are missing out on reaching their target market.

Buyers are more likely to buy from merchants with active social profiles and skip over the ones who don’t.

How You Can Avoid This Mistake:

Create a Facebook page or Twitter profile for your business. You can link your Amazon page here and advertise for free. Share engaging posts and make sure to respond to comments and messages.

Users are also likely to visit your Amazon page if they see activity on your social accounts. This proves your credibility as a seller and extends your audience in the social platform.

Mistake #5: Bad Writing

Wrong grammar, spelling mistakes, and punctuation errors – these are red flags to look out for if you are a customer.

Shabby descriptions or insufficient content gives an impression that the owner does not care enough to give prospective buyers a good customer experience.

How You Can Avoid This Mistake:

Be concise in describing your products, but don’t make customers feel like they are missing out. Invest on relevant content that is easy on the eyes.

Another option would be to hire virtual assistants. They can take on all these tasks as well as provide customer service, refund management and other daily Amazon selling tasks. Now that you know the critical Amazon mistakes to avoid, what business improvements are you making today?

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